One thing I hate when it comes to writing advice, as I know I’ve said here before, and the one thing I refuse to do when talking about writing myself, is to claim that every writer’s journey is the same. For every generalized truth, there are any number of exceptions. In the world of advice,… Continue reading THE WOES OF A WRITER

Hello Again, World!

The previous incarnation of this website had to be eliminated. I switched to a new web host, and although the WordPress documentation claimed that “migrating is simple,” apparently I’m dumber than a not-yet-compiled code. (I don’t even know what that term means!) As time permits, I will try to go back into the past and… Continue reading Hello Again, World!


(See what I did there? Yup–it’s the same old joke, told for the seventy billionth time!) Back at the end of 2019, I did a recap of the year and a prediction of what to expect in the year to come. I’d like to do that again, maybe even bringing in last year’s goals to… Continue reading YET ANOTHER GOALS POST