(Or, HOW AI HAS MADE ME INCAPABLE OF DECIDING WHAT TO WRITE) Hello imaginary people on the internet who I pretend care about the things I have to say. It is your old pal, Random Writer from the internet. Today I want to talk about a phenomenon I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned once or twice… Continue reading ANALYSIS PARALYSIS


There are a couple of common issues in the writing community: Comparisonitis and Imposter Syndrome. Let’s talk about those for a sec, shall we? (No, this is not a “woe is me” kind of post. It’s just a thing I keep seeing cropping up and want to share my irrelevant opinion.) Comparisonitis is the writing… Continue reading COMPARISONITIS AND IMPOSTER SYNDROME


I like goals. I would not necessarily say I am goal-oriented in general, but when it comes to writing, there is something about setting my sights on a number of words written in a specific amount of time and trying to hit that number. It is one of the reasons National Novel Writing Month appeals… Continue reading REVISITING GOALS