2021 began with a political nightmare (when it should have been such a pleasant waking from one) and ended kind of the same way, albeit with less violence and insurrection. It feels like the world has gone crazy. In the bad way. People have forgotten how to be people, and I feel bad for all… Continue reading NEW YEAR, SAME GOALS


Time. It keeps passing, no matter how many times I take hold of the hourglass and demand the sands stop running. It just won’t listen to me. It’s fine, though. I’ll take my revenge by getting older and older, and when time no longer recognizes me… uh… well, it will keep passing. That’s just what… Continue reading THE MID-YEAR CHECK-IN


I like goals. I would not necessarily say I am goal-oriented in general, but when it comes to writing, there is something about setting my sights on a number of words written in a specific amount of time and trying to hit that number. It is one of the reasons National Novel Writing Month appeals… Continue reading REVISITING GOALS