Hey there. Glad you stopped by, imaginary person. (I am not delusional enough to believe anyone ever reads this piece of garbage I spew out on a monthly basis.)

As I write this, National Novel Writing Month is twelve hours away, and I am feeling eager and ready while still not exactly sure how the story is supposed to play out. As this posts, NaNoWriMo has already been going on for a week. I hope, if you are playing along at home, that Week Two Wallâ„¢ isn’t tormenting you.

I’m not here to talk about NaNoWriMo, though. Truth is, I don’t actually have a topic in my cranial void. October, which was supposed to be as low-key as September, turned out to be an obnoxious creature plaguing my very existence, particularly at JOB. I’m all out of [vulgar word]s to give, and unfortunately that has carried over into my hobbyist life.

Not a good thing when I have a monthly commitment to report to the empty abyss that is my “audience” in the blog world.

Maybe that will translate into an enormous body count when midnight strikes tonight. We shall see.

It’s ironic, really, that the November entry should be so short. November is the wordy month, after all. Then again, I’m writing this on Halloween, which is still October. Saving all my words for next month.

Happy Veteran’s Day in the US. Happy Remembrance Day to my friends up north (and anywhere else it is observed). And to all you ‘Murkans, eat, drink, be merry on a bountiful Thanksgiving.

And then get back to writing. NaNoWriMo waits for no holidays.

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