I don’t really have much to report this month. Comedy of Terrors has sold a few more copies (I’m in two more libraries, one in audio format!) but beyond that, I’m still in limbo. Feeling much less “bleah” about it, so that’s a plus. I get flashes here an there, but no solid ideas have coalesced just yet. Even mindless violence needs some kind of underlying story, even if it gets overshadowed and unresolved.

What’s occupied my mind is really something that doesn’t belong in this blog: Politics. Without trying to go into detail, here’s what I’m noticing.

Politicians lie. They can’t help it; it’s just what they do. One party tries to hide their lies within layers of truth so they’re harder to detect. The other is so blatant, they seem to think everyone is a complete moron with no access to little details like facts.

I don’t understand it. You know what you’re saying is patently and demonstrably untrue, yet you insist on continuing the false narrative in the hopes that the people you are most trying to convince will just blindly believe you. And, unfortunately, many of them do. And I don’t get it.

What’s worse is that you, the liar, are not only actively working against me the normal person who has to live in the real world, but you are also trying to convince me you are on my side — when you are so clearly not. And I don’t get that, either.

Then, when your rhetoric and deceit are revealed for what they are, you engage in what’s being dubbed “pop culture wars” — where you try to pull a bait and switch. Instead of you and your lying lies being the focus, you spread misinformation about some kind of pop culture change that has occurred.

(One specific example, which is going to show my hand, is that Disney Plus has added disclaimers to some episodes of The Muppet Show illustrating that certain things that aired in that time were stereotypes that hurt various groups. In today’s more “politically correct” climate, these have become downright offensive, so Disney is doing the responsible thing and shining a light on things that were wrong in our culture in the hopes they they might spark a discussion today. Instead of seeing this as a positive thing, this political party is claiming that the Muppets are being “canceled” by these disclaimers. No one has been canceled. Grow up.)

There are many things in the political sphere I do not understand. For example, as Brian Tyler Cohen tweeted, harming the Democratic president is more important to the Republican party than helping the American populace, which they claim to be working for. (Yeah, all pretense of trying to be vague has left the building. Go ahead and try to cancel me for calling out the liars.) Every single Republican (according to Cohen — I have not seen the numbers for myself) voted against the relief bill. And why? Because it does not benefit the wealthy elite. Instead it helps ordinary citizens who are desperate and struggling to pay for basic necessities in the midst of a pandemic and the depression that has resulted. (Let’s not pretend it’s just a recession. This is the worst it’s been since the Great Depression.)

And I just don’t understand that mindset. Why are the lives of the people who (in my opinion stupidly) put you in office nothing more than a game to you? Do you really work for us, as you claim, or do you work for the billionaires pulling your strings and putting more and more money into your greedy pockets? This vote, among others, answers that more than your lying words.

I’m going to end it there, because the more I think about the bull happening in Washington, DC, the more and more angry I get about it. Democrats, by the way, are no better; they’re just better at disguising their contempt for the people they “represent.”

I just don’t get it. And I hope to the gods I never do, because then I’ll be just like them.


As implied before my tirade, the only words I’ve written since the last entry are the ones for this entry. I am trying to change that, but even Rachael Herron’s advice of “write that bad first draft” are not helping. It’s all inside the cerebral void, and I have to shake something loose before it will happen.

Part if it, of course, is that very little, if any, writing ever happens outside of November. This is the fundamental shift that needs to take place.

I’m working on it.


A disturbing discovery in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game thing we’ve been using to play: My Tabletop Simulator crashes whenever I try to load the Core Set or the Adventure Path the others want to play, Curse of the Crinson Throne.

No one else is having issues; in fact, we had another member of the group load it up, and it worked just fine for the other three. My game, of course, crashed when I entered the room they had created.
I can load any of the “1st Edition” sets with no problem. I think. I don’t know if I tried to load Wrath of the Righteous, but I did load Mummy’s Mask, and I already have a saved game of Skull & Shackles going. When I load “2nd Edition” — in quotes because the creators claim it’s not, in spite of all the rules changes — the crash happens.
Some graphics adjustments were suggested that had the game load just fine — but had some weird graphic glitches that show up only for me. Unfortunately, these are cards I cannot read.

There are some other details I won’t bore you with, but I am going to try to load the game outside our normal game time so we don’t waste two hours trying to figure things out again. I will waste those hours without them and then report back.

Just like with the blog during the web host transfer, my computer is proving I know nothing about computers.

When we gave up, we decided to play some tried and true card games we all love, including an offensive game called Joking Hazard (created by the minds behind Cyanide and Happiness) and then two back-to-back games of Jumanji Fluxx. We were originally going to hop over to Jackbox Games for some Trivia Murder Party, but that second game of Fluxx took a LONG time.

My group is fun. I love them to bits.

OH! One other thing about the previous session, chronicled in the last entry: The game of Tee-K.O. had an unexpected benefit. I kept talking at one point about how I really wanted one of the tee designs (during the game). It turned out, thanks to one member’s ability to read, which I do not seem to possess, that YOU CAN ORDER THE DESIGNS IN REAL LIFE. So the Sword-and-Shield “BOTHER” shirt is actually in my possession! It’s a unique shirt that no one else in the world will ever have, if I understand the concept correctly.


In spite of there being no progress where progress needs to be made, there has been a bit in other areas. Like games. All is groovy.
I hope things are going well for you, too. Drop me a note to let me know, won’t you?

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