I don’t really have anything to talk about this month. The closest thing to interesting that I’ve done at all over the last couple of months is watch some movies. Some of those movies I’ve seen before, most I have not. It’s sad that this is even news, considering when I got on the internet 25+ years ago, I was flickguy wherever I went. It was not unusual for me, in those days, to watch a movie every single day of the week, and more on weekends.

These days I don’t always have the attention span for it. But one week in August I managed to watch four movies. And three more at other times in that month.

A new recent record. I’ll be watching at least one in September, too, as there’s a movie hitting Disney+ soon that I am looking forward to.

But that’s it: A mild resurgence of my old internet name. How thrilling for the world.


The major news here is that I have no idea how to do developmental editing. My previously published books, although they both suck and have awful endings, were at least told coherently from the beginning. I had to fix some stuff, of course, but it didn’t require any heavy-duty ripping apart to repair from the inside out. A simple copy edit was sufficient.

This book I’m trying to finish now, Best Enemies Forever, needs some major reworking. I know what’s wrong with it, mostly. The only problem is that it’s so fundamental and embedded into the story that I don’t know where to begin in fixing it. I’d take Rachael Herron’s 90 Day Revision class, but I JOB for a living and would not be able to attend the class. She talks a lot on her podcast about ripping books apart at their seams (the rough draft, not a physical book) and putting them back together. I want to learn how to do this. Enemies has major issues that require reworking the mythos and reinventing a character (or two), plus eliminating another minor character whose sole purpose was to die to show a main character’s descent into evil — but then I also need a way to show this descent.

It’s all too overwhelming to think about, so I keep putting it off. Which isn’t getting it done.


In good news, we are playing Pathfinder again! I’m too lazy to look up the last entry, so I don’t know if I’ve talked about how the player whose character died is going through the remaining scenarios he needs to catch up to the rest of us…. with us… and only his character is receiving the end-of-scenario rewards until we’re back to where we left off when his character died.

I know we have finished at least one scenario (over two sessions). We may have finished a second. I do not remember.

We also had a couple of Jackbox sessions. One player was out of town for one of our game nights, and on the most recent, I did something to my back and couldn’t sit in my computer chair. I joined in Jackbox via my tablet (for voice chat and stream) and phone (game interface).

Just a note for you young folks out there: Getting older sucks.


Yup. Once again, I have brought you a giant load of nothing.

You’re welcome.

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